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Jul 10, 2018
I bought these hoping for really good sounding headphones. Didn't get what I was looking for. Now they don't sound terrible, I was just looking for a much newer version of the fantastic sounding Senni HD590's I've had around forever. These disappoint. Where the 590's have this nice bright, open mids and highs that let trumpets soar cleanly, these sound like a blanket has been put between my ear and the drivers. I can fix some of the issues with an equalizer, but the details just don't come through. For instance, New Order - Substance - starts off with this little clicking sound that moves around right-left. In the 590's this is a sharp, clear "ticka ticka" sound. The 58X is a "tacka tacka" sound, without the sharpness and detail. I can't believe the detail that is missing in these headphones. They do have better bass than the HD590's - but we are not talking earth thumping here - just moderately better, probably due to a less open design than the 590's. Fit-wise they are ok. I have a small head, so some headphones are too big even when fully compressed. These have 1 click left before they are fully engaged, so they should fit most people on the small side. They do fit a bit tight, a bit more than the 558's do. The double wire I knew was going to be an issue coming from single-sided headphones, and I was right, I find that I strangle myself trying to take these off the wrong way. In all honesty, I'd say these are really close sounding to the 558's, and you don't gain anything but wire/fit problems. Should have saved my money. The 559's are the replacement for the 558's, and they are $50 cheaper than these - just saying.
Jul 10, 2018
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