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Jul 11, 2018
I've heard them like 24 hours and will compare them with all Sennheiser Models I've heard till now after a "quick " impression.
Packaging/Delivery: First of all I was one of the first 500 People who ordered and when they got shipped about 6/28/2018 Massdrop shipped 58X with the wrong serial number (as I would have cared, I just wanted the Headphones) So I got a 10$ voucher for the next drop and one week delay in delivery since I live in germany. The Packaging itself is .... pragmatic but that's ok since I paid for soundquality, the Headphonecable has a native ⅛ Inch (3.5 mm) gold-plated connector and a 1/4 (6,3mm) Inch gold plated adapter for a cable length of 6 ft (1.8 m).
Comfort/Build Quality: I really like the pads and the clamping force isn't too much for me (thin head) I can wear this headphone for more than 2 hours straight before the headband gets uncomfortable. Otherwise I can wear it all day with 5 mins pause every 2 hours. It's plastic... let's see how long it lasts with proper care.
Sound (subjectiv and depending on equippment you use it to): Had it only connected to a Gustard A20H DAC/AMP which has a warm tone itself. The 58X Jubilee is an overall well rounded little brother of the HD 650 with slightly less resolution and more punchier harsher bass quite untypical for a Sennheiser in the HD series. The mids are accentuated (might be the Gustard) but soft. The highs are clearer than bass and mids so are vocals. If I hadn't payed 170€ with shipping and tax which is roughly 200$ it would have given 5 stars for the initially 150$ price tag.
let's get to the interesting part
Comparing 58X and ranking in different categories with Sennheiser Models that I heard:
Comfort: HD650 ->HD598->HD700->HD800S=HD800->PC373D->HD58X->PC161->PX200II
A worn out HD 650 is a damn comfortable thing. HD58X could also get more comfortable over time.
Resolution: HD800S=HD800->HD700->HD650->HD58X->HD598->PC373D->PC161->PX200II
HD800S and HD800 are so damn clear and analytical which isn't an advantage for all recordings, smooth @highres, harsh @lowres. HD58X has a good resolution vocals are crisp but is quite harsh especially in bass in comparison with HD650 and all models above. Outstander: HD700 is almost as clear as HD800/S.
Soundstage: HD800->HD800S->HD598->HD700->HD650->HD58X->PC373D->PC161->PX200II
HD800 and HD800S have the widest soundstage I've heard on headphones. HD58X doesn't have a big soundstage but it's enough to be authentic. Outstander; HD598 has the widest sounding stage after HD800/S.
Forgivable with low quality recordings like a 128kbit mp3: PC161->PX200II->PC373D->HD598->HD58X->HD650->HD700->HD800S->HD800
The lower the quality of the headphones are, especially when they tend to have a warmer smoothening sound , the more it doesn't matter if you input high res recordings, surely there is a difference from a 128kbit mp3 to a flac and even DSD @ these budget headphones but not as much. The HD58X is best played between 192Kbit mp3 and flac quality. Outstander: PC161 all sounds smoothened and warmthened if these are even words.
Enjoyability: HD650->HD598->HD58X->PC373D->HD800S->PC161->HD800->HD700->PX200II
When I compared my 58X, HD800S and a friends HD650 I was pleased with smoothness and enough clearness paired with nice worn out pads which were comfy as heck. Even though I wish there would exist a mix betweens HD800S resolution and the warmth of HD650 the HD58X is a nice comfortable Headphone with punchy bass, a warm tone in the mids, clear highs, a good soundstage and an enjoyable listening experience. Would I buy it again if it breaks and there's no guarantee left and I had to order it with all taxes and shipping cost? HELL NO but if you live in shppingfreecountryisland and you are an american citizen and you endured this review until now ... ORDER IT RIGHT NOW!
Jul 11, 2018
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