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Jul 14, 2018
So here I sit, jealously reading the reviews and impressions, seeing my low serial 58X sitting in customs in Montreal (why did they have to go to the laziest Canada Post workers, why customs gods, why?). CP waited 5 days before even having them over to CBSA, who have now had them a week. So I'm gonna say it, fuck Canada.
Meanwhile, my E-Mu Teaks were sent FedEx, they're in Calgary, ready for delivery on Monday. The estimated ship date for the drop is Wednesday. WTF? How is Chan so damn awesome? In fact, I have a perfect track record of every shipped by vendor drop sailing thru and getting here quick. Coming from Massdrop? F'd in the a. I may have moved back to California before those 58X are released by CBSA or CP decides to get off their collective assess and work. Pony Express was faster than this...
Jul 14, 2018
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