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Jul 19, 2018
WOW WOW WOW, these cans are AMMMMAZZZZIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!! I'm no audiophile or anything like that, and I've never owned a sennheiser before, but one thing I can say is that these headphones sound awsome!!! Interesting to note that when I first took out these cans it sounded a bit muddy and at first I was a bit disappointed but as time went on (not allot, maybe about an hour and half) it started sounding clearer and more refined/ separated etc. I can only imagine what these would sound like after fully breaking in.
One thing which I found unique is the instrument separation and detail, WOW it's incredible!!! Something I've never experienced before in music listening!!! Every strum of the guitar, every snare kick, every bongo hit (which is usually not heard due to its subtle sound) etc.
Oh and regarding the soundstage, I gotta say it's very true what some of the comments said that it's wide enough to sound real but not too open like other open back headphones(which I'm not sure is a bad thing or not). This is the one thing which i was worried about because I like wider soundstage,and these cans are definetlly pleasing enough!!
P.s. this entire review is my experience with these cans through a galaxy s7 edge alone without any amp or dac!!! So I can only imagine how good these would sound with a better dac/amp.
Thank u very much massdrop and sennheiser!!!
Update:I was checking out the discussion chat and someone was suggesting to remove the foam that's inside the grills to open up the soundstage and to clarify the upper mids, And WOW,it's incredible!!!!!! All your sacrificing is a bit less bass but boy is it worth it.
Jul 19, 2018
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