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Jul 28, 2018
I'm relatively new on the headfi scene but have jumped in to see what values out there are in the low to mid budget price point. So far these emerge out of the crowd of options as an outstanding deal. These phones have excellent midrange although a tiny bit congested in the sound stage on songs with a lot of competing mids. They have very good, fairly detailed highs and bass that extends pretty deep for open backs. I also have the ATH-AD900X Air and I like the 58Xs perhaps just a bit better. The upper highs are nicer in the Airs and female vocals stick out nicely but the bass is better in the 58Xs. There is also something a bit more tamed in the upper mids/low highs in the 58Xs. I also have the DT1990s and of course those are the best of both worlds with excellent bass extension and a great sound stage, but they require more power to drive. I drive those from my audio interface which has an excellent dac/amp. I can actually use the 58Xs sufficiently with my phone with no dac or amp. All of these phones I will be using in my home studio and I'm glad I bought these. At a buck fitty you can't go wrong. The 58Xs are pretty comfortable too.
Jul 28, 2018
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