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Aug 3, 2018
They are very good headphones. I also own the hd6xx and if I could have made a comparison before buying them I would have never bought the hd6xx. The sound signature is very similar but when a track has a buzzy bass the 6xx tends to smooth it out and make it sound a little more "sinewavey". Mids and highs are very similar, maybe a little less highs but It's not very noticeable. Another difference is that they are easier to drive and you can get a decent volume out of a smartphone if you want, it's not the best use you can make of them, since they are open headphones, but I still consider it a plus. To my ears they are like the hd6xx but a little more clear, more fun and more enjoyable even if they are a little less neutral. I started using the he4xx over the hd6xx but after these arrived and I compared them with both the 6xx and the 4xx I decided to use these as my daily headphones. I think I still prefer the 4xx just a little but they are too hot and heavy for the summer.
Aug 3, 2018
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