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Aug 12, 2018
Alright time for some fun ol' writing about the HD58X Jubilee. Its not a bad headphone by any means, but I do not find it genuinely exceptional for its price point. I have an AD900X here which is an openback from Audio-Technica in the same price range (generally slightly lower). I will talk about the tonality first. The 58X sounds smooth and non fatiguing in any way shape or form, has good bass impact and fairly good extension as well. The AD900X is mid forward, with decent impact but mediocre extension. The treble is quite forward and in your face. On the topic of technicalities the AD900X to me sounds more detailed everywhere besides the bass and exudes a more natural timbre to my ears. It leans to the slightly bright side but manages to sound less "cuppy" and "veiled" compared to the 58x. The 58x upper mid range and treble is almost devoid completely of texture and nuance leading to the voices sounding very hollow and plastic. Furthermore, the build of the 58x leaves something to be desired, the plastic feels flimsy and hollow with a very cheap texture and seams ore obviously visible. The AD900X is also plastic with metal grilles but the plastic feels almost infinitely higher quality. I could go on for days and days but I just don't feel the 58x is particularly good value.
Aug 12, 2018
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