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Aug 17, 2018
If you ever wonder why your stuff arrives in rough shape, I ordered these, and they shipped from Edison, NJ, but went all the way out to Pennsylvania, and are still in transit back to my town in what state? Yep, NJ....
They are probably packed in a truck that is 100 plus degrees for the 6 days as the delivery estimate is next Tuesday.
Then again, it's a combo of the Postal Service, and Fed Ex, both of which, I have literally never had a good shipping experience with. Their utter failure to perform at their own game, logistics, is clearly evident here.
I hope these arrive in good shape, though the psychological impact of knowing that they aren't being stored in proper temps for a week while in unnecessary transit is taking a toll on my objective impressions already! LOL
I say, go UPS Massdrop.... :)
Aug 17, 2018
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