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Aug 17, 2018
A bit back before this drop at ended for the first time I was really interested in jumping into the Massdrop audiophile market for a lower end pair of headphones that I use for gaming & music. After reading reviews of this pair compared to the HIFIMAN HE4XX I was swayed into buying the HIFIMAN. I then randomly decided to pick these up anyways hours before the item closed. Best decision yet. I have used both through the NuForce uDAC 3 and honestly am not sure what the reviewers were talking about in reference to the HE4XX being better. Everything audio in these comes off cleaner, there's more presence in the music I listen too, the directional audio is fantastic in gaming. I, in all honesty prefer these over the HD 660S which I have sold off. They aren't without flaws though...
The build quality feels questionable in comparison to the HE4XX, HD 650,660S, 700, Audio-Technica 700X, 900X, 1000X.
At the end of the day though there is something magical about this pair of headphones and it's price point. This could possibly double or triple the price and fit in that space well compared to what I've heard or maybe there is an AMP/DAC combo that takes the others to a new level? Not sure, never had an interest is spending more on a AMP/DAC than the headphones themselves.
Aug 17, 2018
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