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Aug 19, 2018
-The Peace Offer-
Nice peace offering from Sennheiser that is run aground by aggressively rolled off community tuning. These offer great performance for the dollar, definitely sounding similar to the classic 580/600/650(6xx) 300 ohms they mimic.
Sennheiser are clearly trying to consolidate their production line with the new 150 ohm (HD 700, HD660S) driver and phase out those pesky old 650/600s that people keep buying. The 660S by all reports doesn't suffer from the severe resonant ringing that humbled the HD700 (watching that MSRP drop was amusing), and their close massdropped sibling the 58x are a pleasant enough impersonation of the 650.
-The Sound-
To my ear, however, they have taken the damping a little too far (lots of mods that suggest removing the foam will restore restore some detail, I don't doubt it). While I always preferred the curated presentation and lush mids of my HD600 to my 650, I never felt the 650s were too distant or veiled. . . the 58x however I find is approaching this territory within the tuning.
-The Bottom Line-
If I want a rolled off bass heavy sound, I have non-Senns that do MUCH better than these, and as Senn headphones, it's really hard not to suggest just saving up an extra $50 and getting the 6xx instead (or keep going and 'splurge' for the HD600).
Aug 19, 2018
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