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Sep 17, 2018
I had Sennheiser for like 10 years before and were super happy with them, but then got old and started falling apart. So decided to try some cheaper different brands for a few years. I regret doing that!
The overall sound in these are perfect with flat settings no matter what system you plug them into, phone, stereo, computer (preferable a real stereo to fully give you the full sound spectrum and power of them with a good amp behind it). Overall deep and clear sound and open air cans relieve stress listening to loud music for longer periods of time as I like to do also when creating beats myself.
When you find the way they sit perfect on your head you barely feel you have them on. Tried few movies and that was a very nice experience aswell. You usually forget how important good sound is to give you a nice immersion in movies so the sound help tell the story you watch.
I will never go away from Sennheiser again. Very happy with the brand and no point in changing ever again. After I have used these now I relized its no point in testing other brands. After all have been using Sennheiser for 10years and didnt regret one minut of it. Spending the extra money to get the good sound I see as well invested money I believe.
Best regards Balubish
Sep 17, 2018
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