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Sep 18, 2018
These are reaaaaally good, but without hearing the dt1990 i would think i'd like that sound signature better on those for the description i've heard. These also at higher volumes i think don't sound as good cause i feel as if the highs and lows get somewhat lost in the mix, but seriously for the price i highly doubt you can get anywhere near the quality of everything, considering in my previous assessment about the 1990s which are obviously way more expensive. My first pair of 'audiophile' headphones and i don't regret it one bit, i'm actually fairly proud. I am not using any dedicated equipment, i just heard them through my laptop (17" predator series) using 16-bit and 24-bit flacs with various sampling rates. I have a pioneer elite series A/V receiver but as far as i know audiophiles don't think too highly of those, i still will try these using the other plug with it and see if the experience improves or changes in any way.
Sep 18, 2018
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