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Sep 19, 2018
I got mine yesterday... I had them in my box purchased them, then canceled the order... then a day later I ordered them... I am glad I did. These are (IMO) just way better than my HD650s. Which I paid $300 for a few years ago. I have also purchased the Fostex TH-00 Mag from massdrop (a year ago) what were those $400-500 bucks.. I have sold those I am just not a closed can guy and I disliked the sound. At $150 these are a steal and (IMO) way better than the Fostex cans. (the low end on these is really good) Also these are everything I wanted my HD650s to be but never were. I did take the padding out of the outside of the cans, IT does change the sound. At work now, thinking about getting home to listen to some tunes or play some games. (great for games as well.) If they sell them for $150 - $300 again they are worth that.
Sep 19, 2018
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