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Sep 20, 2018
I own beyerdynamics and these headphones just blow them out of the water. Balanced sound in all aspects means you can listen longer than the harsh highs from the dt series. Bass is good and responsive and not overexagerated like in the beyedynamics. They are easy to power too which is a plus. My 250 ohm beyedynamics just needed some serious amps to power. I did not like that. I have no doubt that the price to performance for these headphones are through the roof and wish I bought 3 more when I had the chance. You've all seen z reviews probably and he does an in depth review on those. If you haven't i recommend checking him out.
The most impactful thing about these headphones is that it comes in a cheap box that is absolutely flimsy as heck. The headphones themselves look cheap too. However when you get to putting them on, they are something else entirely. Absolutely euphoric sound quality that you just don't expect. Just buy one and thank me later.
Sep 20, 2018
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