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Sep 22, 2018
So I was enjoying my Beyerdynamic DT990's when I was bit by the Sennheiser bug. That happened after listening to a friend's HD 600s and a coworker's HD 6XXs. Crisp highs, perfectly defined mids, present rolling bass that does not overwhelm; I had to have a pair of my own. Unfortunately, my budget was well under $200. To be completely honest, my budget wasn't even as high as $150. But when I saw the 58Xs drop again I knew these were the ones to get, and I was right. I think these are hands down the best cans you can buy in the $150 - $250 range. They certainly rival the more expensive DT990 which are fantastic save for the grating sibilance heard in >8kHz range. They are on par with both the HD 600 and 6XX with the only real difference being sound stage. The 58X has a slightly more focused sound stage due to the inclusion of foam inserts behind the grills. This also reduces leakage, keeps the bass close (as in the semi-open DT990s), and enhances imaging. I am driving the 58X with an SMSL SAP-6 preamp, which is completely neutral, and a Fiio E10K DAC, which is equalized and supports that low rolling bass that these cans do so nicely. The only 'con' I can come up with is that the 58X has cheaper plastic on the headband than other high end Senn's resulting in a stronger clamping force, perhaps something bigger guys should consider before buying.
Sep 22, 2018
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