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Sep 26, 2018
They sound incredible for the money. If anyone jumped on this as their first gaming/music/audiophile headphone then you made the perfect choice for the money. I bought them to not only test in comparison to the HD 660 S but to also give to my brother. The HD 660 S is the better headphone still, but the HD 58X really does hold up against the $500 headphone very very well. The separation isn't as well presented with the HD 58X compared to the HD 660 S, but in my comparison I could really listen with either as my main.(I even got tricked by the HD 58X once because I thought I was wearing my HD 660 S headphones) I felt like the HD 58X is slightly more intimate than the HD 660 S and had more bass which made it seem slightly more muffled in comparison. When you take the foam out it clears up the bass a little and allows the headphones to sound like they open more with less bass heavy tones. The HD 58X has deep rich bass that anyone will appreciate. The bass is def heavier than the HD 660 S but overall in my personal opinion the HD 660 S seems to give a more accurate representation in the bass department. The HD 58X in comparison to the HD 660 S do sound more natural though.. Sennheiser likes magic tricks, and with the HD 660 S Sennheiser uses a magic trick to make the sound, sound more detailed than the HD 58X.(Even though the differences are pretty minor when not comparing head to head.) I still feel like I can hear more detail in the HD 660 S but mostly only in the higher frequencies. Hope you liked my review! BUY the HD 58X when it drops again. Even if the price jumps to $200 or $250 it will still be worth it. Hopefully they stick with the $150 price tag though.
Sep 26, 2018
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