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Sep 27, 2018
These are nice cans. I'm listening to them now directly plugged into an Onkyo 7030 CD player that I'm testing and will setup a 2 channel system for a friend. With approximately 30 hours of music looped I started listening to some of my reference CD recordings (Usher Audio, Bose and Stereophile demo/test disks) and MP3 songs ripped at 320 kbps. Initial impressions were surprising. Exceptionally balanced sound compared to Hifiman HE400i (400i have more mid and bass presence when properly amped), Audio Technica M50X (these are definitely u shaped and can be fun but much more colored than Senns), and Audio Technica ATH-AD900 (exceptional sound when properly amped and very comfortable).
So far so good. Build quality is nice; it's light and everything just works without a fuzz. Minimal packaging is a plus for me while others may want more presentation bling or accessories. Comfort wise the Senns have the most clamping force in my headphone line-up (some which are mentioned above). Nevertheless it does not detract from the musicality, presentation, air and balance of these headphones. I have or have listened to cans that are much higher priced with its own subtleties and refinements, but the Senns just sound good and feel comfortable enough. Just some background on the type of music that I listen to falls into these genres: 30%+ Jazz, 20%+ R&B/Pop, 20%+ Classical music (strings, cellos and chamber music...I used to play classical piano and enjoy a well mastered piece), 5% Oldies, 5% Country pop, 10% using streaming all types of genres (Amazon, Spotify, Youtube).
Conclusion: If you don't have any Senns, then this is one can to have. It is an open back design and as such I keep these at home. I use four cans (closed back) and an IEM for outside or travel and for musicality, while good, the closed cans just don't compare. Thanks for listening.
Sep 27, 2018
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