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Oct 3, 2018
I just received my pair and with only 14 minutes of playing time on them the 58x Jubilee is proving itself a very impressive and pleasurable instrument with which to indulge my musical addictions. Already, well before any reasonable burn in period, I'm appreciating that compared to the original model the upper end has been extended and is even more articulate, while the bass end is fuller and more defined. Consumer feedback seemed to be unanimous in the desire for these improvements to the original model. Massdrop, you heard us and you answered our prayers!
I've been using my 579s lately because they're quite forgiving of inferior recordings and are very musical, and this revised 58x Jubilee seems to be the same sort of beast, but more refined and sophisticated. The 579's impedance is 50 ohms while the 58x Jubilee's is 150 ohms which is noticeable in that the latter do play at a lower volume, but only a bit lower. My cellphone adequately powers the 58x Jubilee to high volumes and through my relatively modest FiiO Alpen 2 they can be driven to excessive levels while also being made to express exquisitely rich, robust and wonderfully resolved tones.
I'm looking forward to what delicious sounds await me as these absurdly affordable, smartly specked Senns settle in. If these 58x Jubilees mature as well as the 579s have it's surely going to be a sumptuous aural banquet, and what a bargain! Well done, Massdrop/Sennheiser.
Oct 3, 2018
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