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Oct 4, 2018
LOVE THEM! Im not a audiophile and dont want to get into measures and charts, I have m50x and HD668B, with DAC-X6 amp and now THEESE!! So much more music with the HD58x's! A big round ball of sound with lot of small figures of details inside of it. Really pleasant for the ears. And when I stopped comparing and trying to figure out if they are the best headphones, if they are better then whatever, if I made a good deal, when I stopped watching reviews and opinions,...I relaxed on the chair aand....damn! Thats beautiful. If you love music and want to enjoy it, get these! Great price for the quality of sound! And if you dont like them you can always make someone who loves music happy! :)
Thank you Massdrop! Cheers Everybody!
Oct 4, 2018
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