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Oct 6, 2018
I have little doubt these are the best $150 will buy. However for what it's worth, here is my impression of them compared to the other over-the-ear's I currently own: AKG K702 and Bose QC35's. - More clamping pressure than the K702's. But they are already loosening up after only a few hours of use. This is likely a good thing, to break in the ear-cups. - Definitely a nicer, warmer sound than the K702's. Nice balance of warmth, and accuracy. QC35's comparatively are much too bass heavy. - I much prefer the elliptical shape of the HD58x over the round K702's. But as most probably already know, the QC35's definitely win the comfort contest.... until your ears start sweating. -I wish the HD58x had a single sided cord, but oh well. Very minor. -Oddly, they are tad louder than the K702's which are rated lower ohms at something like 65? The HD58X really is a good balance of sensitivity, they work well even on lower powered devices such as my phone. -I took off 1 star simply because there are some minor improvements that could have been made, but still a *very* good headphone for $150!!
Oct 6, 2018
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