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Oct 7, 2018
The rear foam, with or without Summary: there is a notable difference. It's up to you, if that difference is a good thing.
Detail: Spotify --> Audio-GD R2R 11
I used the Spotify recording of, "I'm in the mood for love". By Julie London, Album,"Julie is Her Name". I chose this song because it accentuates the low end and has a female vocalist that has a smokey quality. Which should make it easier to discern a difference without the foam.
In stock form (on low/normal gain, at 10 o'clock), on the HD 58x, the bass guitar was excessive and the vocals were ok, but felt a little restrained/confined (when compared to the HD 6xx). On the HD 6xx (on high gain, at 10 o'clock) the vocals were distinctive and airy and the bass guitar had lost it's muddiness.
Removing the rear foam brought the HD 58x much closer to the sound signature of the HD 6xx. The bass guitar got out of that dark basement and the vocals became wider, with greater detail.
I would still categorize the HD 6xx as being a little less attentive to the low end and a just a bit more detail oriented on the vocals. When doing a comparison against the foam-less HD 58x.
When I get my Dekoni sheepskins (for the HD 6xx) I'll probably try the foam inserts in the HD 6xx, just for the sake of curiosity.
Oct 7, 2018
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