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Oct 9, 2018
As someone who has owned a lot of headphones in general, and several Sennheiser headphones to boot these are amazing little gems. I've owned HD600's, purchased new, HD598SR's, HD548, HD25's and HD598C's. I, myself, am not really a fan of the 598's or 558's as some may say "warm" but I say "undefined" and very murky. These have none of those issues.
I still own a pair of 598SR's and the difference between the HD58X Jubilee's and those is a chasm too far to cross. I did not dislike the HD600's but the presentation of them was never really to my liking. Something about the placement of vocals. I always preferred my Sony MAH900's to them by a large margin when it came to the placement of vocals and instruments.
Much to my delight and listening enjoyment I prefer these to the HD600's for listening to music. I appreciate the way that they manage to be quite fast and very, very clear and detailed while still never reaching too far as to be analytical. As while I enjoy analytical headphones, when I want to just listen to music, and not my gear, I find analytical headphones can distract you by way of demanding your attention.
The HD58X Jubilee is not a lazy sounding or soft headphone. It is, to my ears at least, warm enough to sound pleasing while just listening while managing to more than be technical enough for me to observe details and textures in music. It has a muted warmth that could easily go unnoticed if you are coming from warm or bass heavy headphones but it is pleasing in all genre's I have played from hip-hop to classical, to orchestral to jazz to swing to indie.
While they can be bested, with all certainty for value for your dollar I'd have to say that if I were to start my hi-fi journey today from scratch, I would want VSonic GR07's for my monitors and HD58X Jubilee's for my headphones full stop.
Oct 9, 2018
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