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Oct 11, 2018
I wouldn't call myself an audiophile - but I do like good speakers , headphones , clean powerful amps etc . I haven't broken them in . My current go to HPs are Philips fidelios X2s - which I like a lot - got them for just over $200. I have just listened to both on the PC - flac on my Chord Mojo - has 2 headphone outs - so quick to swap . Comfort wise the X2 are better for me - less clamping - but I sure this difference will lessen . Basically having listen to both feel there sound is pretty close - both have a full sound -there are some slight differences - not much -a little more in the imaging . I'm not going nitpick . When I upgraded from my audio technicas openback ath-ad700 & th -AD900- actually though the ad700 best bang for bucks of the 2 - but their wing pads were starting to fall apart ( years of use )- absolutely loved mid-highs - euphoric for female voices - both wide soundstages . I decided to push volume on the X2s & Jubilees - much higher than I would listen - was playing Bombino - Amidinine (My Friend) ( album Nomad ) - a real grunty Sahel /Tuareg song - well my right driver on X2 started to distort - oh dear . Jubilees played if fine -as well as left X2 :) - try a few other songs loud - no distortion - think this song pumps the whole range , - maybe a QC issue - anyway I never listen that loud through headphones - I want to be able to hear when I'm 100 - plus I can move some air with my floorstanders . So conclusion - excellent HPs for the price - If you have the X2s - you & buy these - you will get a very similar full smooth sounds - someone else with X2s here thought the jubilees were better - but not by much - that might be true - I 'm just going to keep enjoying the music - plus the X2 are better for day to day on the PC - as I share with my 9 year old -playing minecraft etc - if he tangles or snags the headphones - only 1 lead into HP - so safely slips out :)
Oct 11, 2018
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