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Oct 12, 2018
I was looking for a new enjoyable headphone to my collection. My daily go-to's for gaming, music, movies are Sennheiser HD595 (going strong after 9 years) on a FiiO E10 Olympus. I only swap them for closed-back HyperX Cloud II's while gaming, if the room gets noisy (kids, tv, etc.). My workplace set of cans are the closed-back BeyerDynamic DT770 32Ω, which I also love as a great all-arounder, although best fit for EDM in my opinion.
As I am primarily a rock / funk / grungehead, the HD595's signature is my preferred. So that is the sound I was looking to replace or ugprade. Been looking at HD600's for some time, although the price was always a bit high for me, mainly when realizing I would need a better amp to drive them.
I came across reading about the HD58x and all of it seemed just a bit too perfect to be true. Tighter, more present bass, the HD6xx line sound signature, oh baby. Missed the first drop by a few minutes, I was so sad.
But then the drop happened again! In the meantime 3 of my close friend were already converts, so I ended up buying 4 pairs. Not a single regret.
The cans deliver exactly as promised and expected, probably even better. Easily driven directly from a Macbook Pro, the iPhone does just okay (not spectacular by any means). The E10 FiiO gives them true justice and is something you should definitely not skip, I imagine any decent amp will make them shine.
The positioning in competitive FPS games is great, comparable to the HD595, although the soundstage in music is definitely a bit narrower on the HD58x compared to HD595. Not a bad thing and I imagine this has to do with the tighter bass presence. In fact, I am not sure the HD58x and HD595 can live side by side as the HD58x are superior in so many ways that I cannot really see myself keeping the 595's for only one or two genres of music (accoustic and orchestra maybe). I'll give it some time and probably pass the 595 to a friend or someone in family, we'll see.
For $150 they're a steal, really good job Massdrop and Sennheiser, your child is destined for a long and prosperous future!
Oct 12, 2018
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