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Oct 12, 2018
They have a very beautiful effortless sound. For the money - awesome. If you dont have a lot of money to spend on these types of things and are looking to own just one great sounding headphone, this is a good bet. You really cant go wrong with these for the price. They sound great with my LG V20 too.
I waffled a bit on giving a 4 star rating vs. a 5 as these are SO good for the money, probably the best value out there, but I've heard headphones that "I like" better My personal taste leans more to the Hifiman 400i planar type of sound and waiting for the Sundara to arrive now . I've heard better detail and better separation and sound stage but from more expensive cans. I hate to pull down the rating but FOR ME, they are a 4. Again, for the money - these are really nice sounding. A 4.5 star would be better if possible for the great value that these are.
I consider these my all around music listening headphones - They sound Good with everything I listen to.
Also, while they are overall very light and comfortable, they dont fit me perfectly. I have a bit longish ears and there is very little room inside the ear cups. The outside diameter seems large and the typical elongated Sennheiser shape but the inside diameter of the pad actually tapers inward and they are also VERY shallow inside so my ears dont fit inside very well. It's actually distracting at times.
Other than fit, I dont prefer the twp pin connectors would be a "nit pick".
I am aware of the removing the outer ear cup foam Mod to give a bit more openness to the sound but I want to listen a bit longer as stock to really familiarize myself with the sound first and make sure they are 100% "burned in" before I try that.
Oct 12, 2018
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