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Oct 12, 2018
I've read some reviews that kind of give this headphone short shrift. I got this and the 6xx's at the same time and there, although the 6xx's are great, there really is something about this pair of headphones that kind of special. Not for everything but for some things there's just something great about it. Bela Fleck's Cosmic Hippo album sounds massive on this headphone. Michael Hedges' Aerial Boundaries is great, strong pick attacks, good dynamics. Andreas Vollenweider's White Winds The Glass Hall manages to present in a controlled and musical fashion (this is one of those tracks that can sound painful and brittle on some speakers). Diana Krall sounds amazing. I think these drivers tend to accent wherever her voice naturally sits. Vocals are forward but you don't lose the instrumentation in a song like Temptation. Stand up bass sounds natural and full. Rage Against The Machine sounds controlled and un-muddy. I can actually hear the lyrics which in my experience can be an issue with cheaper speakers. Gershwin, check. Classical, yep. Bass heavy electronica? Well, it does okay. But if you're wanting your head to shake, find another can. I've been throwing every genre I can at it and this headphone rises to the challenge. The gist is that I haven't yet found something that these headphones don't sound musical, and detailed with. They're impressive. Initially I thought perhaps the bass wasn't as resolving as the 6xx and it's not quite that. If you listen to a 25hz test tone with this vs the 6xx it's just different but I can't put my finger on the why and I'm positive there's someone out there with an o-scope that's figuring it out so I won't bother. The thing that's enjoyable about this headphone though is the wider soundstage and less sterile presentation compared to the 6xx's. I know some debate whether it's the same driver as the HD 660s. I have no frame of reference as I've not heard the 660's. All I know is that if all you have is 150 bucks for pair of open back headphones you won't be disappointed in these. I'm still on the fence about the 6xx's. I'm not a mastering engineer so I'm not necessarily concerned with "Truth" so much as enjoyment and musicality and due to the increased soundstage of the 58x's to my ear they are a more musical and enjoyable listening experience. I've had both for a few weeks now and I keep reaching for these over the 6xx's because I enjoy the presentation. I'll keep the 6xx's but something tells me these will get more play time just because they sound great. The one mod that I've done to these is taken out the foam from between the metal grill and the drivers. It's not as pretty to look at as the 6xx's but it does seem to have opened them up even more than how they were before. Should you spend the extra 50 bucks for the 6xx's? If you want to have a reference to compare other headphones to I'd say it's a worthwhile investment. If all you have is 200 bucks and want an enjoyable pair of headphones and you're not looking for another hobby, just get these. Enjoy them. You've got 50 bucks to go towards a decent DAC amp. Then you can quit worrying about this stuff and just enjoy your music.
Oct 12, 2018
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