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Oct 20, 2018
These pair of headphones are stupid not to get. For music, gaming or movies these are outstanding. The highs are detailed and at high volumes never become to ear peircing or overbearing. The mids (vocals especially) are warm and smooth. The bass is full and in my opinion still don‘t lack in songs with a lot of bass, while not overpowering or mudding the mids or highs. The soundstage is good but not ’really‘ open. Then we have imaging, where these shine. With the amount of detail paired with imaging it is spectacular in music and just dumb good in gaming (I tested Rainbow Six siege). THERE IS EVEN VERTICALITY OF SOUND! For $150 US, I am just dumbfounded by these pair of headphones theres not a single thing wrong or bad about these pair (also comfort and it’s 150 Ohm’s impendence is great) so if looking for a pair of headphones these are what to get.
Oct 20, 2018
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