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Oct 23, 2018
Plain Simple, Holy, Freaking, Heck!
From the moment I wore them on me, I felt so immersed into the music I was listening to, finally and at once I actually felt happy listening to music! The clamping force is JUST right, the sound is JUST amazing, as every single review out there I am thrilled with these! I've listened to way WORSE $400+ headphones, this TOP NOTCHES them!
I do not have a DAC or an AMP to drive these(will soon buy), but I do have a Mixer a friend of mine gave me with his Plantronics RIG(Yeah, the gaming ones) and they drive this headphones really well. Also used it on my Samsung S8+ and it drives them REALLY good! I used a HyperX Cloud 2s before, and the difference is MASSIVE, the Bass rolls perfectly, the voices (midranges) are really clear and not too bright like the Cloud 2's, the highs are JUST perfect..
Everything about these headphones in my opinion are as advertised, as great, as clear and as imaging... I tried so far the Sony WH-100xm2, Audio Technica M50x, Audio Technica AD700x, Sennheiser G4ME Zero(Gaming), Platronics RIG(Gaming), HyperX Cloud 2s(Gaming) .. So far, the HD58x tops them all, No matter what you throw at it!
Tl;dr - What are you doing here hovering on Join Drop?? JOIN IT, GET YOURSELF A PAIR AND THANK ME LATER <3
Oct 23, 2018
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