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Oct 26, 2018
CANADIANS First time getting a high-end pair of headphones. Was disappointed that I didn't notice a meaningful improvement in quality for my music (although I do have suspicions that it may have been my PC itself, or a placebo effect) compared to my garbage pair of headphones. However, I did notice an improvement in clarity when watching surround sound movies and shows, so that's definitely a plus. The clamp on this 58X is extremely tight for my big head, which causes discomfort after a while. You will likely need to stretch it out to increase the slack. In any case, buying a $500 headset for only $150, you really can't beat that. And that's why I still gave this a 5 star instead of a 4. Even if I didn't really notice a big difference, at least I can rest assured knowing that I won't lose any fidelity on audio quality from now on. The total cost actually came to around $192 USD for me since I'm in Canada, and the reason for that boils down to the shipping and customs, which is detailed below. I ordered this on October 14, but since that was a Sunday, MD shipped it out on the 15th instead. They shipped it via DHL which forwarded it to Canada Post instead. The parcel arrived in my city on the 19th, just before the weekend. The 22nd is the day it truly arrived at a local post office and was available for pick-up. It took a total of six business days. Because of the customs fee and a pick-up only requirement on the parcel (seriously, why?), I had no choice but to go to the post office to pick it up. Canada charged me pretty a expensive customs fee for a $150 USD item: $35.29 CAD or a little under $27 USD (18% of the cost of the item!). Overall, the cost of the 58X was $150 + $15 + $27 (cost + shipping + customs, all in USD) for a total of $192 USD. If you are buying from Canada, you should expect to pay this amount, more or less.
Oct 26, 2018
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