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Oct 26, 2018
Coming from HD598's, I wasn't really sure how much or what kind of a difference I was going to hear. But, I have to tell ya, it was noticeable right away. The sound felt a bit warmer, maybe, but that was about it. Better lows, a little crisper in the highs, and the mid felt about the same. It was all-around better, but that's what was most noticeable in sound quality. But oh my god, the sound-stage of these things. The detail is what blew me away. If my 598's made the band as a whole sound clean, the 58X's felt like it took each individual musician and gave them their own special attention. Really impressive at such a low price margin. The only cons I've found about these headphones is that the clamping force is quite strong until you stretch them out, I'm not a fan of the shiny black headband, and the stock pads do the job, but could use an upgrade. Removing the foam on these by the way, made no crazy difference in sound like most are saying. In fact, I felt it left treble a little untamed. I would love to try these with some replacement pads, and on tubes. I'm currently driving them just fine with a Schiit Fulla2
Oct 26, 2018
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