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Oct 27, 2018
It's hard to believe just how good these headphones are. I wear headphones around 5 hours a day primarily for gaming and music. I previously used a pair of ATH-M50s. They were really nice, I was really happy with them, I paid around $100 for them, and at that price I felt they were worth what I paid for them. But to think that I could have gotten these for only $50 more, its astounding. These sound remarkably better, are more comfortable, feel like they are better made, and while the ATH-M50s might have felt like they were worth what I paid for them, these feel like an extremely good deal at $150, worth far more than what I paid for them! I ended up adding on an SMSL M6 headphone dac/amp for a combo that was sub $300 and I can't imagine being able to get much better sound quality for anywhere close to that price. I got the headphones before the amp came in and powering them with my phone and computer works, but there were a few songs that I definitley wanted more out of them that I felt I was missing. The M6 fixed that, improving both sound quality and power. Love my new set up, love that I was able to get both for under $300, and feel like I am done searching for better sound for a while. I might pick up a tube amp some time, really want to hear how these benefit from a tube, but that's definitely not necessary, just good fun!
Oct 27, 2018
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