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Oct 29, 2018
If anyone at Sennheiser is still looking at comments here can you please send me the cable for the HD58X that I need. It has been over a month of promised ship dates to no longer in stock to then tell me your "technician" will send me a used cord so I can have a working one. Instead of getting the hd58X cable which is the same exact cable as the HD6XX cable you guys send me what ever that cable is in the picture. The customer service seemed to be great with the first email but went down hill immediately. At this point it feels like I am being trolled. If I wasn't sold a product with a broken cable I would find this funny but instead I am sent some thin cheap mystery cable. I would be very concerned about the qualifications of your technicians if this is the cable they think works with your HD58X and HD6xx series headphones. (Edit: The first part of this post was over 3 weeks ago and it is now 11/20 and I still have not received a working cable. Tried contacting them on 11/14 or 11/15 asking if the cable ever shipped since the 3rd ship date I was given was 11/7 and at that time I haven't received anything and lost faith at this point. I pray no one who purchases a sennheiser product from massdrop has any issues since it appears the "2 year warranty" is complete bs.)
Oct 29, 2018
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