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Oct 30, 2018
My reference is an AKG K242HD which I have used for many years before deciding that I want to try something better. (which led me to the Sennheiser HD 58X). Both are open back, though the AKG are on ear rather than over ear. Soundwise it's a clear step up, best I ever heard and nothing to complain about. Though as said, I'm not a trained listener and don't have many other headphones to compare to. Where it falls short for me is comfort. The headband and pads are rather thin, meaning their contact area is smaller compared to the AKG with its broad headband and larger pads. Therefore the weight and pressure is concentrated to a smaller area. The cable doesn't seem bad, but the two wires make it more heavy than the single wire from the AKG. It's also a bit short. I may try to find a suitiable replacement cable. (they can be disconnected easily)
Oct 30, 2018
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