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Oct 30, 2018
If you're european and wanting to buy these, read this review for my experience. This is my first pair of Audiophile headphones. I switched my Hyper X Cloud Revolver out with the HD58X's. I've got an Asus Xonar U5 dac/amp (150 OHMS output) to power my HD58X's. So as i mentioned above i'm european, danish to be exact. So i ordered these headphones on the 2nd of september and i got them on the 26 september. So the delivery was very long which ofcourse is a downside, but it's not Massdrops fault. Furthermore, i had to pay Import Taxes which added an extra 60$ to the price, so my total is about 210$ all in all, which i'm fine with since i was aware that my package probably would be stopped at customs. So if you're european and wanting these headphones, then you should know that it can take a few weeks for these to get to you and they'll be more expensive, and if it's worth it? Well read the reviews on here and you'll have to decide :) So my initial impression, compared to my Cloud Revolvers, was actually not very good. I must say that i was disappointed. The sound was very muddy and not clear, as many on here suggested that they were. So i used these headphones over the weekend and i felt like for each day that went by they got better and better. The vocals are very clear. Before i bought these i was quite sure that they wouldn't be able to beat my Revolvers as i was very happy with the clean sound they provided but boy was i wrong. The vocals are very impressive and you feel like you're the microphone infront of the singer. My Revolvers are very clear as well when it comes to vocals. But they're very flat whereas the HD58x's potrays the vocals realistically and round, like a propper voice. Moreover, the bass... the bass is amazing! If you haven't tried a headphone of this caliber then you haven't felt what real bass is. The bass is so clean that it's almost like it's not bass but something more beautiful, i know it sounds stupid but it's just perfect and balanced. Piano's, string instruments and pretty much any sound that comes out of these are very clear and detailed. I'm the type of person that listens to all kinds of genres, i mean from death metal to Classic. These headphones deliver a great sound no matter what i put on and it's very nice that this headphone isn't a genre based one that is to play specific genres better than others and instead works as an all around headphone. So was the 60$ extra worth it? This question is hard to answer because, both yes and no. Yes because the sound is very good and they're well built. No because as i mentioned earlier, these are my first Audiophile headphones and i don't know how good 210$ headphones are. But i'm definetely more pleased than displeased. It's hard to choose between 4 or 5 stars because i've compared them to my Revolvers and the differences between the two are not night and day as i hoped, but the HD58X's are definetely better all around, and for 210$ i'm not unhappy at all.
Oct 30, 2018
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