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Nov 1, 2018
great value... yes, the materials feel a bit cheap, but the build feels solid nevertheless. add that to the great audio quality and looking at the price, the cheap material feel is something I'm fine with, personally speaking of audio quality: overall I find these headphones to be rather airy but that's no surprise given they are about as open as they could be. deleting the foam behind the grille makes them even more airy and gives the treble a bit more breathing room. they are not highly analytical but instead, at any rate I find them very relaxing to listen to and they work great with a wide range of musical styles. their particular strength, however, is voice - not only in music but also in movies, youtube stuff, games, you name it - voice comes across very naturally and very clearly. bass is not a particular strength of these headphones. they are not thin but they aren't very precise. depending on what you're listening to, this might be bothersome for some.
Nov 1, 2018
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