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Nov 14, 2018
Compared to the 6xx: They do not sound as great. The bass is a little veiled sounding in comparison. They do a much better job with internet audio like youtube videos etc. These are my go to for that and do a phenomenal job. The 6xx's are a little abrasive with some youtube speech and or sound effects people put into their videos. I wear them at work at a low volume with a v30 for music and they do indeed bleed more sound than the 6xx's do. Probably bleed 20% more? When I get home I use the 6xxs. Removing the foam to make them 660s: I tried it... put it back. Did it again a week later... put it back. It does not make them sound better imo. The way they sound now is much more to my liking. It doesn't make them sound like 6xx's (I dont own 660s so I can only compare to 6xx) or anywhere close. It opened them up but lost what sounded like mids... or maybe treble went up? Not sure. Did not sound veiled, removed too much of the veil. They sounded a little naked if that makes any sense at all. Defect????: There are 2-3 fine lines on the screens on one of the cups that run left to right (and vice versa) that are visible at the right angle. Looks like they did not do an even job of painting the mesh portion. Not that noticeable, but I see all. My name is Jeff. These are great headphones for $150.
Nov 14, 2018
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