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Nov 15, 2018
I'm by no means an audiophile, however I do appreciate good neutral sound very much. I've been using the AKG k7xx for a few years now, and so I'll make a direct comparison to that pair. Note: I'm using a Fulla 2 by Schiit to drive my headphones, and I listen to a lot of genres from classical to EDM, as well as gaming with these. The sound quality of these headphones is pretty amazing. I have never had the opportunity to try a high end pair, but I'm not sure what more can you get. Separation is great, clarity is wonderful (I swear I can hear new details in songs I've heard a hundred times). Bass is very (very) accurate - not too little, not too much. When I received these I compared them to the AKG, and suddenly my old pair sounded very bloated in the bass department. These are much clearer and more to my liking. Comfort wise these headphones arrived very tight with a strong clamping force like many have said, but after a few days of use it adjusted itself to my head and is now pretty comfortable. Overall I think these headphones are terrific value for the price, and would recommend them to anyone looking to get some better sound!
Nov 15, 2018
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