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Nov 20, 2018
I'm not going to quaff on with flowery crap like "bright or sparkly soundstages", or any other massively overused adjectives in headphone reviews, though I do own a fair few pair of headphones at this point (namely: Fidelio X2's, DT 880-Pro, HD 690's, and now these) and can fairly conclusively say that for the price point, these little cans are MONSTROUSLY good for what they are. They thrive in the mid-high ranges without being tinny or overly sibilant and often reveal little tidbits you might not hear on other headphones. For a circumaural setup, they've got a fair bit of oomph but an expectedly weak throughput compared to closed-off ones - this is entirely normal and if anything, a strength. There's also this weird thing where the bleed-in from your external sound can sometimes be masked or sound like a part of your current track. Some people call this "imaging" or whatever, and if that's the case, the HD 58X have a lot of it going for them. The amount of times I've pulled these things off my ears mistaking trailing synths for my doorbell is immense. You decide whether that's a plus or not. The headset itself is relatively well made, if rather sparsely cushioned atop the headband, and there's a lot of flex and give in the parts so they should take a relatively solid beating if you use them a lot or are freakishly rough with them like I am. Included cable is fine, though rather cheaply split at the divider - enough to leave a palpable seam that you can both see and feel unlike some more premium models. You simply will not do better for what they're priced at, which is $150 USD at the time of writing. It just isn't a thing. There's better cans, but these perform admirably in almost every regard and are an excellent entry-level purchase into more nuanced listening.
Nov 20, 2018
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