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Nov 26, 2018
I'm new to audiophile quality headphones, if you consider the HD 58X Jubilee to be an audiophile quality headphone. Relative to my other Sennheiser headphones--the HD 579, as well as the old classic 414, and a sport earbud set--the HD 58X Jubilee is a VERY high quality audiophile headphone. The audio spectrum is fully represented and well balanced. No particular frequencies predominate. The well defined punchy bass is perfectly matched by the forward, full, warm midrange as well as the crisp, clear highs. There's just the ever slightest hint of that signature Sennheiser "veil," but with minimal EQ adjustments--usually just a small boost in the ~ 4 - 7k range--they're perfectly alive and present. Lovely sound that I can enjoy for hours upon hours at a time. I usually drive them with my FiiO Alpen 2 Dac/Amp from my cellphone or laptop. The Alpen is fantastic with its on-board bass & treble controls for tweaking sound depending on the type and quality of the recording, as well as for its built-in rechargeable battery that keeps it from draining my cellphone's battery. Powered by my Yamaha integrated amp (a true 2 channel musical amp) the HD 580X Jubilee becomes even more dynamic, full, seamless and impressive. I'm debating on a audiophile DAC and a dedicated tube headphone amp, or maybe the Drop + THX AAA™ 789?... Build quality is adequate to good. The shiny plastic might appear cheap and flimsy but it isn't. They usually stay on my bed or on the couch and have been dropped onto the hard floor a few times with no ill effects. They're sturdier than they look. Headband padding is a bit thin, but still very comfortable. The clamping pressure was a little too much when I first received them, but careful bending of the metal headband straps over a few day period has rendered them nearly perfect with just an occasional pinching of an outer ear edge. I often forget I'm wearing them and have slept many nights with them on. Some people suggest upgrading the earpads for comfort and to tweak the sound profile, but I'm still happy with them the way they've been shipped. Well done Massdrop/Sennheiser on a well executed upgrade to the original HD 580 (newly designed driver with more defined, punchier bass and sub bass and improved upper mids and highs) at a very fair price. I'm now curious, but hesitant, to try the 700 and 800 models, which, of course, will probably spoil the 58X for me, just as these have spoiled the 579s for me, but that's the tragic fate of an audiophile, right? For now, anyway, I'm more than content with what I've got... Update 9/19 - I lost sound on the right side cup back in 2/19 and jiggling the wire near the headphone connector produced static and some sound. I emailed Massdrop describing my situation and received a response within 12 hours from Brett who informed me that Drop was unable to provide me with a replacement cable but they could either replace my entire unit or return $40 to my credit card. Since I was otherwise happy with the HD58x's--which I believe had burned in to my liking--I took the $40 credit. So I bought a 3rd party cable for $16 online which was actually of much better quality with nicely reinforced connectors and Y support, and also a shorter length which served my needs perfectly. In all, a totally satisfactory, if not surprisingly excellent transaction efficiently handled by Brett! It's been 7 months and the new cable is functioning perfectly and the headphones have only improved. The bass has smoothed out and the high end has settled into a sweet shimmering joy. Rumor has it the 58x is actually a tweaked 660s?! I dunno, but I compared my 58x's to the 660's as well as the 700's in an audio store and if anything I found the 58x to be BETTER. The bass is punchier, reaching deeper into the sub base, and the high end is smoother. The 660s sounded slightly more analytical, and the 700's MUCH more analytical, which I suppose could be described as more accurate. But considering the HUGE price differences it's hard if not impossible to not be thrilled with the 58x's extraordinary price/performance value. Very VERY satisfied.
Nov 26, 2018
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