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Dec 5, 2018
Out of the box I found that these sounded like a slightly more strained version of my HD650s, but I've had those for a while and figured the 58Xs would likely break in to a freer sound with time just as my HD650s did. Even if they hadn't, they would have been a steal at the price, but after a good bit of use I feel like they have really come into their own. The mids and highs are incredibly full and warm, and the lows are almost as good, if perhaps a bit choked near the bottom. I feel like the crispness and separation is what has improved with time. These are absolutely the best headphones you can get for the price, so long as your listening environment is suitable for open back over-ear headphones. A proper amp and DAC helps significantly, but at 150 ohms (compared to the 650s 300 ohms), something typical and mainstream like a modern Macbook is plenty powerful enough to drive them and sound better than most anything in the price range. The amp and DAC are just the icing. Very, very highly recommend these headphones if the form factor matches your use case.
Dec 5, 2018
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