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Dec 7, 2018
Sound: None of this "for the price" stuff, they sound great, period. Sure you can probably get marginally better sound with headphones that cost a thousand dollars more, but make no mistake, with a good Amp/DAC this is top-level sound quality. And unlike those headphones that cost a thousand more, you can plug them into a lower-quality sound source and still drive them great, as they have half the impedance of the other Sennys in the 600 line. Sound is neutral, clean, great bass, blah blah who cares they're great. If you really prefer the darker sound then why are you even looking here instead of the 6XX? Pair them with a Schiit Magni/Modi stack or just a Fulla and you'll have everything you need unless you're an audio pro. Build: Ehh. Like the other Sennys, they feel plasticy. The 558s somehow feel more sturdy and less cheap, despite being entirely plastic made in China. These have a metal grille like the others in the 6 line, but otherwise feel a bit flimsy. If you don't put them on your head right, they can create a rubbing sound when moving your head and/or cord. Once you get it to just the right adjustment, it's not too bad. However, I'm willing to forgive it, yes, for the price. They're still quite comfortable for listening for long periods of time. Anything Else: Just kinda wish they would have made the grille look more like the 580s. That's still the best design they had.
Dec 7, 2018
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