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Dec 10, 2018
WOW!!!!! these headphones are ridiculously awesome .these headphones definitely  have  the sound  signature of the 600 line.  I purchased both the hd 600 and hd 650 and  I went with  the hd  600 over the hd 650 and sent them back.i don't consider my self an audiophile far from it but the 58X  to me sit in between the hd 600 and hd 650  they are not as bright as the hd 600 but  are brighter than the hd 650  they are warmer than the hd 600 but not as warm as the hd 650 .the 58X have more bass  output than both but its a well controlled bass but  they do have a very neutral sound. the bass doesn't overshadow the highs or the mids. I have  not heard the 660s but I have seen a few reviews where both   the hd 58X and the hd 660
headphone were partially disassembled and they claim to have the same driver as the hd 660s but with a few modifications. either way you cant go wrong with any of the hd 600 line headphones. no headphone is perfect its all about preference .I am just a sucker when it comes SENNHEISER headphones . but for $149.99 that is a steal!!!
Dec 10, 2018
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