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Dec 19, 2018
I've owned various Sennheiser headphones over the years but this is my first Audiophile grade headphones i own and also the first open back type i've used (I currently use this and the HD 4.50 NC BT headset for when at work). Really awesome clarity and comfort. I have it paired with my Cyrus Soundkey and use it with FLAC occasionally but primarily through Spotify... but even here it brings the music to life. Its the first pair of headphones i own that I don't suffer headphone fatigue with (I didnt even know this was a thing until i got these!). You can listen for hours and just get lost in the sound without wanting to give your ears a rest. Bass is nice and clean and not overpowering at all. The Cyrus Soundkey really helps bring the colour out in songs and compliments the soundstage of this headset a lot. it can be a bit fussy with FLACs (popping through certain android apps) but still definitely worth the investment. The only problem i have now is that the HD 4.50 BT pair i own feels 'tiring' and a bit 'boomy' to listen to after hearing this. I guess this is normal when spoiling your ears. Now to stop myself from investing in $$$$ worth of audio equipment. Overall: Definitely worth the price and investment
Dec 19, 2018
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