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Dec 20, 2018
Overall Impression: I love these headphones. I don't experience ear fatigue as quickly with my old cans or earbuds, and boy, are they comfortable. They also have fantastic clarity, and detail I have never heard in pair of headphones this cheap. As a reference, I got them for 150, same i paid for Denon 1001 - they don't even compare to the HD 58X. I enjoyed my Denons for years, but when I saw this deal on Massdrop, I had to jump on it. Since switching over to the Sennheisers, I have heard details in songs streaming on Pandora I've never heard before - the separation of instruments is particularly clear to my ears - and listening to lossless files and vinyl is truly an experience. I have listened to them through my computer (a bit weak/underpowered for sure, but still clear), smart phone(impressive), stereo(extraordinary), and through a tube preamp(astounding). Every source powers the headphones efficiently, but the preamp really lets these cans shine. I have not tried to use them for cinema. Why I think this way about these headphones: I'm no audiophile, but I appreciate accuracy and clarity in my sound. I prefer a more neutral headphone that doesn't color the sound with too much bass/treble, and I hate Bose which just sounds like cranked midrange to my ears. My favorite speakers are klipsch/Cerwin Vegas, so I don't have audiophilic tastes, but appreciate clarity. I always have my sources set to 'direct' mode so on-board amplifiers don't color the music.
Dec 20, 2018
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