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Dec 22, 2018
Multi-hundred dollar sound for a buck fifty. I absolutely love these. They're very comfortable with the velour pads and rotational adjustment. The sound is absolutely fantastic for the money, and they can be driven by anything, even my phone. I took out the pads that are on the open back, mostly for the aesthetic change, but it does very slightly open them up more. There's a whole extensive test that was done on changing the foam, etc. to improve the sound, but I think the general consensus is to remove them. The sound is just absolutely pure. Flat, real response all the way across the board. If you're a basshead or used to more bass, you can always crank the bass up on your EQ to give these a more "commercial" sound with extra bass. The bass response is awesome but it doesn't shake your head like a rattling old civic with 15's in the back of it, something that many more popular headphones will have you believe is "good quality sound."
Dec 22, 2018
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