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Dec 23, 2018
These are my first foray into quality headphones as well as my first open back pair of headphones and I'm extremely impressed and blown away really. I feel they are so perfectly matched to the Mayflower ARC. I can't give a professional review, only an amateur one and I really love these headphones. With the DSP/bass boost from the ARC they are absolutely amazing with gaming and dolby atmos. Extremely comfortable, a little tight clamping force at first but after a while they're just right. It's just a really good balanced sound right out of the box. Listening to some FLAC and even 320kbps spotify sounds just unreal. Listening to Eric Clapton or Alice in Chains unplugged feels like I'm sitting right in the middle of the stage. A no brainer at this price!
Dec 23, 2018
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