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Mar 16, 2017
Just got it! Testing it with After you're gone - Chris Jones (FLAC lossless) and being blown away RIGHT NOW not a techie in audio so wont go in to sound stage, sound signature those kinda thing but impressions right out of the box: 1. Soft velvet covered, polyurethane foam ear pads and headband feels like i'd be able to wear it for 8hrs at work. no problem. The thing about PU foam is it moulds itself to the shape of your head, which is the most comfortable thing in the world imo. 2. braided cables will hold up to tugging and pulling 3. headset feels light enough to wear for long periods of gaming 4. open back design is cool, still be able to hear people calling me and such, while the music is not being affected 5. mic to be tested when i game later tonight 6. no regret for paying this amount for this headset at all will continue to experience it some more and add on to this little review
Mar 16, 2017
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