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May 26, 2017
Just received mine! EDIT INSERT! After a few hours of breaking in, there is something wrong with the right side. Any audible bass is now accompanied by a very tiny rattle, either a loose bit of glue, poor seal, or maybe a wire in there somewhere. When I press firmly on the volume knob, it seems to disappear so there's the issue... Hopefully Massdrop has a good exchange policy! Aside from this rather immediate problem... love them. Hopefully the next set is better. read down....
Wow. These are done right. I wouldn't quite call myself an audiophile but I'm a snob when it comes to lower priced audio gear and have really disappointed myself in the past with other budget-priced purchases, but once you've used bluetooth cans like the Bowers & WIlkins P7, stepping down to something like Beats or Mee Audio is just a joke, to be expected.
I'm going to compare these a lot to the HD 6xx since they're also a Massdrop production, and not far apart in price. The PC37x feels like it was constructed by Sennheiser, whereas the HD 6xx felt like it was made by Fisher Price. Those things were pretty much the biggest disappointment and overly-hyped junk I've ever has the misfortune of spending money on. Glad I made it back to a sucker on eBay!
The fit and finish on the PC 37x is very smooth and refined, the ear pads are a much better feeling foam and velour, and the headband pad is more comfortable right off the bat. I have nearly enormous ears and these slip on just a hairline extra around my dumbo flappers, so super stoked there too. Sound quality within the first 15 minutes is pretty comparable, I'd say. Definitely has a bit more focus on mid-range, but that's what a gaming-designed headset is made for. I can still get a good sense of the full band of sound however and they still sound pretty good with music, even bassy stuff, although you won't feel it much. Treble is very smooth and lifelike.. I'm really impressed. The on-ear volume control isn't really necessary for myself as I have a Logitech G710 gaming mechanical keyboard with a volume roller on it, and mute key.. but the Senny's volume knob does what it's supposed to do and also feels VERY smooth with nearly no friction or touch noise leaking through the ear cup when you touch it. Mic is as good as any other Senny's which is fantastic. I'll see after a few weeks if they're worth keeping or dumping the extra $200 (canadian) on the new Beyerdynamic MMX-300 gen 2 as I know they'd satisfy my basshead needs along with gaming performance... but for about $200 Canadian after shipping and getting charged by DHL for customs fees.. even though customs didn't inspect them.. ehem... these are extremely good value and fantastic sound quality and comfort.
Well done Massdrop! After the horrid taste left by the HD 6xx, these got me back on board.
May 26, 2017
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