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Jul 1, 2017
I received these in March from the January drop. They have been my daily driver since. If you are considering joining the drop. Here are my findings: I am pleased the sound quality. Music sounds crisp and well balanced. Though I don't listen to much in audiophile quality. Don't worry if they will have enough volume. They are way loud enough from my PC motherboard (Z-87 Pro). The mic is not bad. To get better you may have to get a desktop USB cardioid mic. Look and finish are really nice . The minimalist color and branding scheme works elegant. Plush and supportive ear pads and headband pad don't get sweaty in the heat of battle. my ears don't touch the oval ear cups. The mic is really up and personal in your face. I couldn't get it out of my peripheral vision without it rubbing my beard. Build quality is solid with no squeaks, and they are holding up very well. They secure feeling slide adjustment fits small to big heads. The braided cable is great, long enough, and doesn't get hung on my chair arms nearly as much as others.
Jul 1, 2017
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