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Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset

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Complete Setup:
Sennheiser PCV 05 Headset Adapter
ADV. Headphone Hanger
EPOS GSX 300 External Sound Card
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Review Highlights:
Never had a more comfortable set of headphones
Can you even imagine wearing headphones for 6+ hours without the slightest hint of discomfort? I couldn't until I found this pair. They're kind of a miracle.
Would recommend to a friend.
This review is coming from the perspective of someone who has owned many pairs of consumer and audiophile headphones. I have 3 pairs of Sennheiser headphones aside from this pair. These are amazing for the price. If these didn't have the microphone, I would put these on par with some of Sennheisers $250+ headphones. The sound quality is amazing and everything is super well balanced. If you have a sound card in your rig, these perform even better. Surround sound is super good too. Mic quality is on par with a Blue Yeti mic. Its a blessing and curse. Do not keep this close to your mouth or everyone can hear you breathe or swallow. The mic is sensitive and does not need to be close to you. The boom mic flips up to mute and there is a wheel on the right earcup that allows you to control the volume on the headset. Very handy. Build quality is superb. As always, this headphone can be hand dissembled and cleaned. Even though the head band is like a plastic, it is very strong and never once have I not had faith in it. The ear and head pads are really awesome as well. Easy to clean and large enough to give ample coverage. The cord is braided and interchangeable. It is about 6 feet long so no worries on length. It plugs in on the left ear cup and it isn't loose. I highly recommend these headphones. For those that are looking for some low key high quality headphones, these are it!
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Q&A Highlights:
How do these compare to HyperX Clouds?
More comfortable, for one. They're much lighter and don't hurt your ears after a long stretch using them. They also connect via 2 3.5mm connectors, not USB. These are open-back, so don't provide any noise isolation or blocking, which the HyperX Clouds have a bit of passively. I switched to these from HyperX Clouds and have been very pleased.
Why are these good for gaming?
3 things make this a great gaming headset. 1) Open-back. This gives you a much more natural sound in comparison to most closed. The reason most are closed-back are for noise disturbances. Open will leak sound both in and out while closed does not. What this also means though is that the sounds you hear bounce around inside your earcups, making the sounds overall sound much more muffled when compared to open. It's one of those things you have to compare yourself to tell. But once you've tried open, it's like night and day. 2) Has to do with the open design too but: Sound Stage. Wide sound stage is what you're looking for in most competitive gaming scenarios among other things. Imagine an orchestra stage and imagine one that can only fit 5 people in row. You have your eyes closed and are told to point at the direction you hear one of the violinists playing. A wider sound stage is like that but with a stage big enough to fit say 20 people. How far out the sound comes from and where it's coming becomes a lot clearer. 3) Ultimately what makes a gaming "headset" is the attached mic. Of course a standalone is much better overall but for mics that are just slapped on headsets, this one is really good. Not the best of course and it may sound worse in comparison videos as the creator probably records with a better mic. But as far as gaming mics go, they're really good.
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Apr 21, 2022
I just bought these and I can’t talk but I can hear I’m on Xbox
Mar 27, 2022
does anyone know where I could get a replacement cable for this that is like 1 or 2 feet long? I'd like to use it with a VR headset without having a bunch of extra cable dangling around.
Mar 24, 2022
I have had this headset from Drop for a couple years. The sound is great but they are too quiet so I bought a Soundblaster external sound card to boost the sound a bit. That has worked fine *mostly* with one caveat. The mic randomly stops working. If I reseat the sound card's USB connector to reset the device in Windows that fixes it until some random time in the future when I have to do it again (sometimes it happens again in minutes and other times it may take days or weeks). This is highly annoying and has been going on for years now. I have tried all sorts of Windows and USB port specific fixes but nothing has resolved it. I have come to the conclusion that this must be an issue with the external sound card and not the headset (but not certain). I have decided to try a headphone amp or DAC to get that slight amplification but not sure what to get. There is a section on this site with amp/DAC suggestions for this headset but they don't even have the same connector type as my headset so I'm a bit confused on that. I'm no audiophile so I don't know how these things work. Am I expected to buy some adapter as well? Can anyone give any insight into my random mic issue or maybe suggest an amp/DAC that isn't too expensive that will work well with this headset (and possibly explain how to connect them in the event they have other inputs)?
Dec 29, 2021
Hi day ago i got this headset and starts using with soundblaster x3. Sound quality is good but something's wrong with mic and i trying to figure what. I plug it in and starts talk with my frends in discord but everybody says i sounds quiet. The i download audacity and start testing it and see in monitoring maximum level is -30 dB. Then i connect it to my mb with realtake and without boost it sounds same quiet. And question: It is normal or mic is broken and i can return headset?
Dec 28, 2021
Do I need an adapter for the pc37x if I’m on pc?
Nov 14, 2021
I just bought these recently and the mic isn't being picked up by the computer. Is there any way to fix this?
Oct 18, 2021
Purchased these for my son. Unfortunately the mic is not working. When he blows real hard into the mic it does register, but when he talks his friends can’t hear him. Drop sent him a new pair but same issue. He’s tried plugging directly into the pc, we’ve bought the adapter to use usb and same outcome. Anyone have a fix or tips we can try before we return. He was excited to get these.
Aug 6, 2021
I got my pc37x yesterday and the mic is terrible. on discord, my friends thought I was using a voice changer. is there a fix or do I need to just send it back?
Aug 27, 2021
Check that your audio cable is plugged all the way into the headset. That was my issue.
Aug 5, 2021
I've had about 5 pairs over the years and they're absolutely getting worse and worse. The first pair I had was great - microphone quality, headphone quality, build quality, earpad softness. Now? The headphones crackle when I adjust the volume, the left ear is dead, the headband and ear pads are hard and uncomfortable, the microphone sounds terrible, and i've had 4 pairs outright fail. On top of all that, they're picking up sound from the headphones - when the mic is muted! I'm not tough on them. I wear them at my desk and gently put them on the headphone hook when I'm done. Don't buy these. Sennheiser is either cutting corners or they're just stupid.
Aug 1, 2021
It just got increased from $95 to $120? Guess I'll order elsewhere.
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